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Glamour Nail Whitener


Glamour Nail Whitener

Are your nails dull and discolored? Do you not you have the time to paint your nails with a basecoat, color coat and topcoat? Then, use our Herôme Glamour Nail Whitener.

The Glamour Nail Whitener combines the amazing features of the Natural Nail Whitener (white nail edge, pink nail bed) with a creamy, beautiful tint. The polish gives a gorgeous soft-pink pearly shine and delivers whiter nails. Within one minute, the Herôme Glamour Nail Whitener is dry and highlights your beautifully cared for and polished nails.

Herôme Glamour Nail Whitener USP's
Nails appear whiter
Gives a beautiful, soft-pink pearl glow
Camouflages discoloration
Gives a beautiful, bright shine
Results in just one minute
Beautiful in combination with the Herôme Nail White Pencil

Recommended in combination with...
By using the Super Shine Natural Nail Whitener, you can really create the "wow" factor! By using these two products, a beautiful French manicure is at your fingertips.

Leave the Glamour Nail Whitener in your car and/or handbag so you can always be ready to give your nails a brilliant shine.
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