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Lipikar Balm AP+M

La Roche-Posay

Lipikar AP+M balm from the Laroche-Posay dermatological laboratories is a skin care product dedicated to atopic skin that is particularly prone to eczema and chronic irritation due to its high sensitivity. It soothes itching and acts as an additional protective barrier against various external aggressions such as pollution, wind and cold.

Its first richness lies in its fatty agents, glycerin and shea butter, which moisten the skin and easily penetrate the deepest layers to nourish the cells and consolidate their metabolism. They are the ones that ensure, indeed, the renewal of collagen for a more supple and elastic epidermis, in a word more comfortable. Having regained its softness, the skin resists more effectively to the small lesions that skin is exposed to on a daily basis. Formulated with thermal water from a long journey through the rocks and sediments of the Vienne River, this Lipikar AP+M La Roche Posay balm benefits from another highly renowned richness, that of the many minerals and trace elements it contains, which provide additional nutrients to the most "deficient" skin.

This Aqua Posae Filiformis, a natural active ingredient isolated by laboratories, is combined with Microresyl to rebalance the skin microbiome, a true ecosystem that brings together a very large number of microorganisms present on the surface of our skin. The good health of the latter guarantees a healthier skin, capable of resisting external aggressions.

In short, La Roche Posay Lipikar AP+M Balm effectively soothes skin irritation and itching, while preventing relapses, and helps restore the skin's natural barrier qualities. It is suitable for the whole family, even the smallest ones, and comes in different formats according to your needs.

Apply once a day to face and body.
75mlReplenishing Balm 75 ml
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200mlBaume Relipidant triple-Réparation 200 ml
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400mlBaume Relipidant triple-Réparation 400 ml
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