Oliu di Sole


Oliu di Sole Huile d'Immortelle

Imiza is also known as 'The village of dream'.
This perched village located in the Cap-Corse region offers a panoramic view over yhe gulf of Saint-Florent, the Agriates desert and the town of Ile-Rousse. 'It was in this place that I found all of the island's beauty. My spirit broke free between land and sea and the IMIZA brand was this born of this tranquillity and authenticity.' Anne Benoit Founder

IMIZA invites you to discover an authentic, essential and attractive cosmetics range. Offer your body a true skincare programme with products from the protected Corsican countryside.

Used as a care traitment, this oil leaves your skin scented and satin-smooth without leaving a greasy film. Idéal for a massage of relaxation. It provides an intense tan during exposure to the sun while protecting your skin and hair from drying. Mineral oil-free and preservative-free (does not contain parabens or phenoxyethanol).
100ml Immortelle Oil
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