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We are a French company with a perfect knowledge of brands. Throughout decades we collected a unique know-how which we share through our website today.




MyOrigines works with leading hairstylists to uncover and bring you the latest hair trends. Rely onto our professional hairstylist to get your own tailored look and reveal yourself. Visit our hair salons to discover our revolutionary products, services and the latest trends. Our experts will advise you on your new look, whether you are going for a short hair look, long hair, colored hair or anything in-between.


As you can see every brand on our website has a complete product range, which shows that MyOrigines is an authorized retailer. Our aim is to give you as much information about our website and our products as you need.



Our Salon

Salon Intemporelle
Zone Artisanale de Mezzavia
20167 Mezzavia

MyOrigines is a French company that collaborates with the best perfume & beauty houses, all the products are 100% authentic.


If you have any questions please contact us by phone 02070970015 (for UK customers) or (+33) 0969 321 310, or by email [email protected].