Phyto-Khol Perfect


A kohl pencil that sublimates the intensity of the gaze and dresses the eye with iridescent, metallic or matte reflections. Phyto-Khol Perfect is an eye pencil with a firm and ultra-smooth lead for a perfect and precise line. Its care formula enriched with oils (Rosehip, Castor oil) and waxes (Carnauba, Bee) combines softness, comfort and respect for the eyelids. Its "cast" texture incorporates a maximum of pearlescent particles to accentuate metallic and shiny reflections and allows easy application and long-lasting hold.
A range of pure and intense shades underlines and magnifies the eyes. Can be used inside the eye.

Ophthalmologically tested, suitable for even the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Its advantages: its blending applicator and its specific pencil sharpener.

Apply Phyto-Khol Perfect to the eyelid at the base of the lashes to highlight the shape of the eye or intensify the look. Can be blended and worked in shades on the eyelid thanks to the foam tip. For a kohl effect, apply inside the eye. Can be applied over the eye shadow for a marked line or under the eye shadow for a smoky effect. The look is underlined and sublimated
with a perfect, intense and long-lasting track.
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