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Set Soin Ongles Abîmés


This NAIL SET includes:

Exit Damaged Nails: 7ml (full product)
Cuticle Night Repair: 1.3 g
Sensitive Nails Hardener: 4ml

HERÔME thinks that beautiful natural nails are possible for every woman and every man. Artificial nails are often harmful to nails because they are applied and removed aggressively. The use of drugs can also make the nails sensitive and weak.
By using HERÔME Essentials sets, you'll get strong, beautiful nails in no time. These mini are perfect to get to know HERÔME products.

Step 1: EXTRA DAMAGED NALLS (Exit Damaged Nails)
This product can be used as part of a single treatment and must be applied to clean nails. Clean the nails with Hérôme Caring nail polish remover.
Apply 1 drop per nail for 1 week per day. Massage the oil into the nail bed with your finger to make sure the nails absorb the serum properly. For best results, do not use nail polish during the treatment. Repeat steps for sensitive nails.
Step 2: CUTICLE NIGHT REPAIR (Cuticle Night Repair)
Use the serum at night for a week. Cuticle Night Repair has a convenient pen system. When the back of the pen is turned, a drop of serum is released. The brush allows easy and quick application on nails and cuticles.
Using the brush, massage the cuticles as well. Leave the serum on your bedside table so you do not forget to apply the serum before going to bed. When you wake up, wake up with neat and beautiful nails!
Day 1: Apply a first coat of nail hardener
Day 2: Apply a second coat of nail hardener
Day 3: Remove the layers with Hérôme Caring nail polish remover and apply a coat of nail hardener.
Day 4: Apply a second coat of nail hardener, etc.
Repeat this process to cure for 3 weeks.
Repairs, Protects & Nourishes
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