White Musk For Men


White Musk for Men Eau de Cologne

Genius, irreverent, sexy, Jovan is a mythical brand that lives the idea: Live life free, with pleasure and go for what you want! Along its longstanding history since 1972, Jovan has been a leader in fragrance. The iconic Musk continues to be a best-selling fragrance with its sexual and revolutionary appeal. Jovan. It's what attracts.

Born in the hippies generation, Jovan is the icon for the seductive
appeal and free spirit. Sponsoring Rolling Stones' 1981 ""Tattoo You""
Tour, it was the first-ever fragrance to represent a rock band and
reinterpret the revolutionary freedom into delicate senses. Playing
with an irreverent seduction and an ultimate freedom, Jovan
fragrances work with your body?s chemistry to make you irresistibly
sexy? Jovan is the genius, irreverent and sexy. It's what attracts.

All the power. But not overpowering. A clean, long-lasting scent that lets you be you. Fresh clean citrus combines with traces of clove, peppermint, and thyme, and is complimented by geranium, melon, and green apple. A unique, sea-like fresh scent gives you a clear, crisp signature fragrance.
88ml Eau de Cologne 88ml
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