Duo Evasion

Déodorant Solide + Après-Shampoing Solide

15,58 € 18,14 €

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Want to discover the world of organic certified solid cosmetics? The Duo Évasion COSMOS Organic Lamazuna is made... see more

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The benefits of the Lamazuna solid deodorant:
Its original bergamot and geranium scent pleases everyone! Organic essential oil of geranium is used for its purifying and calming properties and organic essential oil of bergamot is antibacterial and antiseptic, a perfect combination for a deodorant for women and men!

The benefits of the Lamazuna solid conditioner:
The solid Lamazuna conditioner is 100% natural, organic and vegan. Delicately scented with vanilla and handcrafted, this natural conditioner untangles and nourishes the hair.