The green corner
by myorigines

Beauty that respects nature and your skin.

Green corner

At MyOrigines, we believe in true, accessible and effortless beauty.
As naturalness plays an essential role in our approach to beauty, we are committed to guiding you in choosing skincare products that are increasingly respectful of the planet.
Throughout the year, we have chosen to highlight brands in our GREEN CORNER that share the promise of combining beauty with sustainability.
With this in mind, we have carefully selected fragrances, skincare, make-up and haircare products that will enhance your beauty and that of your entire family.

You will discover products with ultra-sensual textures and unique fragrances, formulated with natural ingredients.
We offer a range of vegan and cruelty-free skincare products designed to respect your skin and biodiversity.
In terms of packaging, our fragrances are presented in refillable bottles and eco-designed packaging.
At MyOrigines, we are committed to promoting their unique creations.

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