Offer the e-gift card, the perfect gift for any occasion.
01. Pasirinkite savo vaizdini
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Kai tik mokejimas bus patvirtintas, dovanu kortele bus išsiusta gavejui el. Paštu.

Taip pat galite pasirinkti siusti kortele pasirinkta diena.

Terms of use

The gift card can only be used on our website www.my-origines.com. The gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

It can be used in one or more transactions using a unique code attached to it. Once the purchases have been made, the beneficiary must enter this code in the shopping basket in the tab dedicated to the e-gift card.

This card cannot be exchanged, refunded even partially, credited to a card or a bank account, or discounted and cannot be used to give change.

It is neither replaced nor reimbursed if the code is lost or expires.

The payment of a gift card cannot be made with another gift card.